Final changes in effect: red indicates person is occupying a LOA line (*). Blue indicates that employee’s original and owned line for the purpose of determining where they will return to when/if that person returns from LOA. Any further scheduling issues/requests are to be made through MPS management. 

Bracebridge – 0600/1800
RED Chris Skinner Chris Tasca
YELLOW  Shelley Rodgers Keith Marshall
GREEN Shannon Young **Andrew Kuebler
BLUE Brian Steiger Bill Coke


Bracebridge – 0700/1900
RED Mike Cartwright Rob Martin
YELLOW Darcy Medland Hugh Dunlop
GREEN Brad Davies *Scott Trefry (Andrew Kuebler)
BLUE Brad Oke Tammy Plested


Gravenhurst – 0700/1900
RED Mark Verbeek Neil Hebb
YELLOW Dave Gravelle Terry Dybajlo
GREEN Ken McCaskie Steve Webb
BLUE Sarah Clifford  Line 24 Dianne O’Neil


Gravenhurst – 1000
PURPLE Geordie Heath Mark McLennan
ORANGE Dave Ramer  Line 28 Kyle Pollock


Port Carling- 0800/2000
RED James Coad Lisa Paquette
YELLOW Roy Lovold *Janet Rowe (Courtney Doran)
GREEN Dave Liebau Courtney Doran
BLUE Brad Norrie Steve Mahon
MacTier- 0800
PURPLE Line 29 Ben Wideman
ORANGE Myles Drummond  Line 32 Travis Stone


Huntsville- 0700/1900
RED Trevor Wing Travis Larade
YELLOW Juergen Gerich Marty Pomerleau
GREEN Lindsay Bourdon Jodi Armstrong
BLUE *Bill Meunier (Pete Smith) Kevin Koop
Huntsville- 0800/2000
RED Sonia Racine Darrell Phinney
YELLOW Paola Oke Andrew Bailey
GREEN *Tim Moore (Steve Allen) **Pete Smith (Keith Marshall)
BLUE Lisa Barrett Steve Allen (Travis Stone)